About Us

Justin and Lynne  Keller

We are a local family. He grew up at a waterfront home in Centerport Harbor Long Island New York and she is from Providence. Both of our families were very much into the sea and food. We have been together forever and we found our love for the area over 40 years ago. We are very much into boating and food and this is a perfect area for both.Currently our 36' Island Gypsy is berthed in Wickford and our 23 Wellcraft is kept at Harbor Island where we reside. We have published a cookbook which with the help from family chiefs "A Culinary Expedition"


Both of her brothers are chefs. Steven actually started his career at THE PORTSIDE in Narragansett.

We enjoy walks along the shoreline. One of our favorite walks is the Chafee Nature Preserve which is just north of the Riptide home. Sometimes we hop over the bridge and explore Fort Wetherill State Park which is a old fort right on the water. Explore the bunkers and gun sites. There is also good fishing at the pier where the  Navy kept mines and munitions. Often we head over the Newport Bridge and shop along Thames St usually stopping for something to eat at Gary's Handy Lunch. It's a 1960 dinner with great prices, closes around 2pm. WE love food! Three of our favorite Narragansett eateries are Arturo Joes, Georges, and 210 Oyster House.